Department at a Glance

First Year

Degree course offered Diploma
College DTE Code 6421
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board on Technical Education
Year of Establishment 1999

Every summer the transition starts and new faces arrives with aspiration to achieve and become a successful engineer. The tradition is followed every year by the senior students to welcome the freshers with a motive and unsaid word that they are always there in any kind of curricular help. The two days of orientation program for first year starts with speeches and announcements from director, faculties and staff. The second day is a warm enjoyment with seniors grouping up with fellow classmates heading towards the four year journey with new family at campus.

Unlike the other years first year have common curriculum where all branches have their classes, assignments and workshops together. It’s the next year when they are segregated according to the opted branch. Here a student is prepared with fundamental facets of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Professional Communication and rest subjects.

The courses taught by the teachers are in a way of laying the foundation of engineering where in communication is important for improving the vocal and written skills. An understanding of Physics and Chemistry is essential to several engineering subjects like electronics, electrical engineering and engineering materials. Mathematics is undisputedly important in all fields of engineering.