Name of Faculty: Mr. M. B. Renake Designation: HoD Qualification : B.E.(Mech), M.Tech(Energy Tech)app Experience : 15 Yrs
Specialization : Renewable Energy Technology

Name of Faculty: Mr. A. A. Patel Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech),ME(Prod.)app Experience : 08 Yrs
Specialization : Mechanical Production

Name of Faculty: Mr. N. S. Mali Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Prod),ME(Design) Experience : 12 Yrs
Specialization : Hydraulics and Design

Name of Faculty: Mr. D. A. Naik Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech),ME(CAD/CAM) PhD App Experience : 07 Yrs
Specialization : CAD/CAM and Automation

Name of Faculty: Mr. P. V. Mahadik Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech) Experience : 13 Yrs
Specialization : Manufacturing Technology

Name of Faculty: Mr. A. S. Bangade Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech),ME(CAD/CAM)app Experience : 09 Yrs
Specialization : CAD/CAM

Name of Faculty: Mr. V. D. Shinde Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech), M.B.A. Experience : 08 Yrs
Specialization : Mechatronics

Name of Faculty: Mr. D. B. Jankar Designation: Lecturer Qualification : B.E.(Mech), ME(CAD/CAM)app Experience : 09 Yrs
Specialization : Design